Savate  (formerly called ‘boxe française’) is a sport I love, which I practised and competed in for many years. It is originally a French sport that’s been adopted by many other nations.

It comprises several disciplines:
  • savate assaut (competitive - controlled contact)
  • savate combat (competitive - full contact)
  • savate forme (non-competitive - similar to boxercise but using savate technique)
  • savate défence (non-competitive -self-defense using savate moves)

I often get asked how to pronounce the various names of kicks, punches, etc, that are used in that sport, so I hope this blog can be a resource for some of you.

I (and sometimes other people too) have recorded those pronunciations on a great site called Forvo. My Forvo name is my business name FrenchForAll so if you click on these recordings, you'll hear my voice.
In the savate ‘family’, you will also find other disciplines such as canne de combat and bâton, both of whom use sticks and both of whom are really fun!

Here is where you can learn more about it all:
Finally, the Canne de Combat World Championships 2014 are taking place in Budapest (Hungary) on September 19th-21st. Here is where to find out more:

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.