Gamers: practise French while you play!

My partner is a gamer (like me) but he finds learning language tedious (unlike me).

However he's recently acquired Assassins's Creed Unity. This game is set during the French Revolution and the player plays the part of an apprentice assassin completing missions to become a master.

I don't like the premise, but was very interested in several things:
  • the surrounding signs are in French
  • the NPCs (non-player characters) speak French and sing in French in the background
  • there is information about the history, architecture of Paris and even the songs they sing!
  • the views of 18th-century Paris from the top of Notre Dame are breathtaking
Plus, the graphics are fantastic (and I love the outfits!!) and there is a side app in which you identify pieces of architecture from monuments such  as Notre Dame, Les Invalides, etc.

So although I personally probably won't play that game, I like to stop and peak at what 18th-century Paris looks like and whisper bits of French in my gamer's ear (and steal a kiss and a hug too, why not!).